Impulse to Rhyme

The hold that holds

December 05, 2021 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
The hold that holds
Show Notes

This rhyme was inspired by my first day climbing at Smith Rock with an inspiring group of people

Ropes drape along my wing span
quickdraws jangle as I think, I can
watching rock face put others to the test
protection from above – wait - a raptors nest?

Praying from bouldering, 
Smith has me searching
for that hold that holds me safe from my doubts
fingers bold and cold along this 5-8 route

anxiety chills my chest sweat
the elderly duo’s sweet success
ageless bodies re-ignite on site
Feelin right, climbin like a kite

friends that support 
helpin’ everyone grow
no pushing no forcing, 
you’ll know when you know