Impulse to Rhyme

Broken tolls highway

December 12, 2021 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Broken tolls highway
Show Notes

Openin’ my eyes, but I’m still blind
This fog in my mind burnin’ green that I grind
I’m forever running - from the deep reaper,
My clever joker’s - the bent-blade keeper

Gotta escape cuz,  sober’s a bummer
So I jailbreak with tequila’s thunder
You know that I got ‘em, you know how we go
quick-stop-at-the-liquor-shop, cuz my hate’s running low
teardrop on the rocks, next casamigos

My laughin’ mask, said I’m made-o-Benjamins
yeah yo white lines,  redline my RPMs
I’m dead-n-alive at the same time my friends

I day drink,  and I night walk
my body sleeps walks around a thick line of chalk
The pain in my heart’s too hard to talk
I'm chokin' in fear, every time I say what’s real

But it’s too much, so what the fuck?
Mr Grim whispers, “man up, you punk”
So back I go, another bottle another J
Somehow I’ve mastered, how to be enslaved

I dip my whip, in cocaine white,
so when it hits, it’s lights out, right?
addicted to the fight, against myself
someone throw the towel in? can someone please help?

I don’t need no help, yo you see what I make?
If I can’t buy you I’ll break you, best not make that mistake
Livin life vida loca, money’s humorous to me,
I don’t give a fuck about anything yo especially me.

New life Oregon, or Seattle or Spain
when I’m on the run my suitcase-stay packin’ pain
My solo pillow holds on to broken tolls
highway to nowhere, searching the silent soul