Impulse to Rhyme

That's a RAP

July 23, 2023 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
That's a RAP
Show Notes

Many of the acronyms here were adopted from Lupe Fiasco’s lecture at MIT.

R. A. P.
the now international allegory
what does it mean to you?
when i was young i used to think
RAP stood for Real Ass People
or maybe even Rhythm And Poetry
then i heard other versions like
Rooted And Pacing
this was spurred in the urban
the Bronx Recognizing Artistic Patterning
its stunning after you heard this
how i’m Running After Purpose
with flare i’m more confident and prouder
as i play with the Rare Artistic Power
i’m not sure of another style
thats taken the world by storm fire
these Rooted Autobiographies Pronouced
how they were looted
and made to bleed every ounce
I guess that’s what makes RAP universal