Impulse to Rhyme

Why July 4?

July 02, 2023 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Why July 4?
Show Notes

This piece was inspired by the documentary “Lakota Nation vs the United States”. For more information check out,

Why July?

You keep sayin
Suppose to be independence 
But some mostly be dependent
On that confederate pendant

Why July 4? 

It’s a holiday or a day that’s hollow
How low? I mean Not 
Don’t remember November low 
but still
Just a Smoke filled anti-woke fireworks show 

Whats July for?

Even tho
The history crooks wrote the history books
It wasn’t enough to be unjust
Since they can’t rewrite it erase it or edit it
So they just ban it

Who’s July for?

You can carve yourself into Mt Rushmore 
While you denounce their ancestors folklore

These treaties were never about peace
Just about you getting a piece of land as a treat
Or to trick ‘em, into complying
Seems they’re both lying, 
You with words and them with their bodies
The Genocide that no body’s remember 
but it happened
Ask their kids, taken to learn the right way
To style their hair and which clothes stay
You cleaned the young tongues 
of their barbaric words
Now we consult their young ones
on how to put out the fires of the world

Why did you lie for?

As the lore of gold was spread
it lured the manifest destiny
strangled and noosed every indian head
on its way to capital cruelty

Why July 4?

Still blowing up bombs to celebrate
On the land that was never yours to take
I mean the name Dakota is in your states name
How much more obvious can it be made?

Why did you lie for?