Impulse to Rhyme

I vs We

May 14, 2023 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
I vs We
Show Notes

You and I, 
perfection in opposition

I embrace the I
You embrace the We
I don’t see eye to eye
But does that make you holier than me?

I can’t see that exactly

You think about the planet
and how we all need to panic
That shit makes me manic like satanic
without my xanax man I gotta have it.

You like to dive deep with feelings
Cause you’re scuba certified
I might dip a toe in if I’m bleedin’
but the superficial 
                                                    just fine 

If you can exist - thinking about We
Why can’t I exist, only thinking about me?

Yeah you might be noble in your philanthropy
But it seems like your laugh has atrophied

Was it worth it?
You’re sick with serious
I’m sick with humorous

We need each other
one balances the other

Are you my antidote?
Like a line a coke
or maybe like a line I wrote

We don’t have to agree 
on our morality
I only wish to be seen,