Impulse to Rhyme

The Skin Chilla

April 30, 2023 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
The Skin Chilla
Show Notes

I can’t express myself
as you rush to comfort
I can’t tell you how my day really went
for fear of judgement
being crushed by your cum squirt

When I shed tears, you drink to quench your thirst
we always rehearse
until all that’s left is the salty trail on my cheek.
Why you so thirsty?

I want to cry,
without you drying my eyes of
electrolytes, butterfly

You got wings to fly,
and as I try to win the race
with lachryphagy (lack-CRI-figee)
written in graffiti 
I can never say it to your face
this isn’t working for me

I’m not Leonardo or
even Michaelangelo
No hero in this half-shell
just shell-shocked by my Belles
Well, let me tell you about 
the splintered heart in hell

Every April, Ohh I kneel,
you always be faster than me
The stare of your hare,
when you tell me to snatch it and grab it, 
your little rat rabbit,
when your chinchilla’s chillin
on my chin, 
you know where to find me.