Impulse to Rhyme

her story not his-story

February 26, 2023 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
her story not his-story
Show Notes

This was entirely inspired by Qasim Rashid. A human rights lawyer on the gram and now recently announced that he's running for congress in IL. 

1776 – all men are equal in this institution. 
But no women shall, draft or craft 
this constitution.

1848 – the married women’s property act – women finally have the right to own property – only white women tho, all women are u crazy?

1920 – beating women’s finally illegal, 
only took 144 years 
after waving around famous bald eagle

1921 – women can vote – but only white women

Asian women have to wait until 1952
Native women have to wait until 1962
Black women? 1965
And finally Latina women- 1975, 
almost 200 years of allegiance to the stars and stripes

1970 – no fault divorce 
allows women to bounce, without having to say why
she shouldn’t have to announce, why she’s no longer your wife

1974 – equal credit opp act, 
women can get credit 
without their husbands or father’s approval
we finally said it
we don’t need the patriarchal ruler

1981 – first women appointed to the supreme court, 205 years after founding

1993 – martial rape is finally criminalized
Finally these cocky pensis’ can be penalized

2022 – roe v wade overturned, 
years of work turned into heartburn 
2023 – equal rights amendment
nowhere to be seen
which means,
we’ll continue to fight

until you’re forced to see me

100% presidents are men
98% of Vice Presidents are men
96% of supreme court justices are men
92% of the Senate are men
90% of HoR are men
90% of fortune 500 CEO are men


50% of the country are women

C’mon men
we can surely do better than that