Impulse to Rhyme

Gut the World Cup

December 11, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Gut the World Cup
Show Notes

This piece was inspired by Thoroughline’s episode called “Qatar’s World Cup”.

I was a nobody, alone in the desert sands
discovered liquid gold,
now oil and gas in my hands

the Saudi shadow
was loomin over me
but I’m rowdy bloomin
with this new money

209 countries seekin into FIFA
even the UN seems meek and weaker

start recruiting for the under represented
so we can poach these votes
coast to coast
all to be 
‘22’s host

90% migrants brought in to make
the world cup our center stage
Q’felah can’t be stopped
us “good” fellas at the top

took some notes from American history
easy power with modern day slavery
we brought the world Al-jazeera
Middle east fame and fear of
powerful women if your’re queer-uhh
yeah KINDA welcome here?

But not after the world cup
7000 die to bring it all up
yeah the stadiums got AC
while they sleep 20 deep
in 115 degrees

You know how hot that is?

Seth Blatter thinks he got the Nobel
Battered bodies, no sinks in this hell
suicidal tendencies but ohh well
these fantatical fans are too drunk to tell

the truth about this crazy game
and the bruts that cheer 
for their flag’s fame