Impulse to Rhyme


November 27, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Show Notes

I've seen the man, control my mother
he had a badge, so he had the power
I heard she tried to reset the game twice

I’ve seen my sisters forced into marriage
all they wanted was approval 
and they traded that in for a prison

1913 in the UK  
Emily Davison killed as a suffragette
1965 in the US
Viola Liuzzo killed as an activist
2016 in Honduras
Berta Caceres killed as an indigenous leader
2017 in Iraq
Shifa Gardi killed as journalist
2022 in Iran
morality police kills Mahsa Amini
I see all these women just fighting to be free

I see myself
drinkin’ patriarchy’s spirit
so smooth so natural 
being brought up that way
my music and movies
taught me it was all ok

Then one day,
I was drunk by Death,
swooshed around
the dark acid bath

No ding dong
No knock knock
more like bitin a curb
and watching the heart stop
During this intermission
I float to another dimension
start my inner mission
of learnin’ how to listen
my road to feminism 
may never end
I enjoy bein’ in this class
with the women of Bend