Impulse to Rhyme

Tenants Responsibility

November 15, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Tenants Responsibility
Show Notes

This story starts in early 2021

We saw your rental is still available?

Unfortunately it’s not. The rental supply is really low in Bend. I get people interested like a minute after I hit send. But you know what, we have another one coming on to the market this Friday.
You might get it if you apply right away.

Great, this place is so amazing! It’s everything we wanted.

[A week later]
Congrats you’re in!
What’s the date you’d like to move in?

In about 2 weeks we’ll be back in Bend.

Great I’ll have the keys made and sent out then

[A month after we move in]
Hi so the water filter light is on fridge, and just wondering if that’s something you might cover?

Ohh sorry that’s the tenants resp

Ok totally cool. I get it. Thanks anyway.

[A week later]
Hi the air filter light is on thermostat do you think you might be able to fix that?

Nope thats the tenants resp

Hmm OK, do you know how can I figure out how to change it?

No we don’t.

Ok well thank you.

[ A week later]
Hi so we’re noticing that all the outlets don’t work? Is that something you might be able to help out with?

Sorry that’s the tenants resp. Have you read your lease?

Uhhh yeah I did. I don’t remember anything about electrical issues….

I’m sorry but it’s all there. Please review that if you have any questions.


[A week later]
Hi it seems that the thermostat doesn’t work! Any way I could get some support on this?
Why do I have to repeat myself?
Don’t you know that’s the tenants resp?

I started thinkin….
Something about this doesn’t see fair

Someone how I’m renting
but ask ‘em to fix something I better not dare.

Not sweatin this house
but I been put sweat in this house

All this slave labor is free
while they get to keep all the equity

It’s seems the owner has all the power 
and I all can do take cold showers while I cower

I want to be free 
but seems like I need a lot more money

What happens if I express any of this?

Would the owner say 
we’re no longer leasing
To get me out of their hair 
and they can continue feasting’

Can I put up a pride flag?
Without worrying if I have to pack my bags?

Wish I had more freedom
To live in peace
Without the police
Asking me to see my lease

I guess that’s the agreement.