Impulse to Rhyme

The Tree that Re-leaves

October 02, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
The Tree that Re-leaves
Show Notes

As you describe the ways to kill
and relieving free will, I feel ill

You say nonchalantly
“you first hang them on a tree
see, they have to bleed out, 
some you cut across the throat
and some right through the heart”

You give thanks before you eat
a way to wash down the gluttony

You say
“I gotta eat”

to justify the killing

So let’s say it was just you and me
And we only had each other
And since you gotta eat
would I be next one on the tree?

Yeah probably, I mean,
who we kidding?
I ain’t a fighter,
start with my ass,
you’ll like it there

In all honesty,
I’m not trying to be
cut-throat or

Can you do me in a dream?
I could fade away quietly
no one has to hear me scream

and then you can get back to
munchin on my ass cheeks
cause we all know
you gotta eat