Impulse to Rhyme

90 minutes

May 29, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
90 minutes
Show Notes

9 minutes for George
90 minutes for Robb

90 minutes
It’s how long a movie is
It’s how long a commute is (in some cities)
It’s how long a soccer game is

It’s also how long police waited to intervene
at the grizzly scene at Robb Elementary

Months before, Ramos scratched this itch
he’s postin-on IG, calling his mom a bitch

The young teen was bullied for his speech bout
so he posts on the gram how he’s gonna “air out”
But this ain’t a snowboard trick or something to brag about
You’re about to meet the butcher at the slaughterhouse

11:33 he sneaks in the propped door
Heads to room 111 a hundred round or more
Room 112,
where teacher dwells
the look of fright
The last thing she hears,
is him saying “goodnight”

Noah’s nightmare feels the bullet bust
his shoulder and he hear him sing
“Another one bites the dust”

These cops fully suited no comparison,
They protect by tackling parents without guns
Land of free and home of the brave
hearing their children die
begging them to save

Gunshots …. 11:37
to way too early to engage ‘em
Gunshots ….. 11:38
yo commander said to wait, yo that’s the mandate
Gunshots ….. 11:40
40 cops hangin’ back and waitin’
Gunshots …. 11:44
welcome to the little shop of horr-Ors

“We need more training”

Active shooter training?... check
and monthly tacticals? … check
open to all officers? … check

The state’s curriculum clearly states,
the first priority,
get in quick,
even if you’re solitary

All this surveillance to keep us safe,
yeah, tell that to the parents, putting their kids in graves

10 years since Sandy Hook
Yeah thoughts and prayers
and our hands are still on the book.

Camille survived, but she still has panic attacks
Rayna still alive, but can’t shower with the door closed, in fact,
Maggie lives her life, like a disconnected maniac 

It’s part of our culture here in Texas
we keep the piece close,
you know it’s our nexus

It’s a mental health issue!

Ok here’s another bugaboo
If it’s true,
Why is Texas dead last out of 50 with these issues?
It’s because mental health is a scapegoat
and gun reform is waaay to taboo

SoulShine Industries creates custom caskets now,
So do you want your  kids with guns or your kids in coffins now? 

Ask yourself 


Please visit and demand action against gun violence and support the federal ban on assault weapons