Impulse to Rhyme

You Lucky Dog

May 15, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
You Lucky Dog
Show Notes

I’m so lucky to be a dog
In Bend I feel like a god

I have home with love
a jacket when it’s cold
and parks to play
and meet my friends
I’m so lucky to be a dog

I think about my distant cousins
In between insistent droolin’s
so much love for me
so much lust for them

these animals lovers
love me by loving me
these animals lovers
love them by eating them
so free to be a dog

Is it because I’m smart?    
c’mon Pigs are smarter
Is it because I’m warm?
Duck down’s a no brainer
Is it because I can feel?
But all Animals feel

some Dogs have real jobs
but my nose can’t find cancer
i’m only looking for treats
and it’s my tail that I’m after

i’m not fighting fires or leading the blind
when you grab the leash, I’ll read the sign

I got a vet that heals me, grooms me 
he even fuckin’ nuetered me!

I lost my balls, but hey I’m still alive
I’ll take castration every day
over chick maseration on my birthday
Ohh you didn’t know? Yeah well
every male baby chick is ground up alive
millions every day so you can have eggs sunnyside

your big brain on two legs
runs one race above the rest
and manifests the ugliest race
who’s the best with the cutest face?

small brains on 4 legs
keepin balance with nature
the raw pain for laying eggs
then sauteed for texture

are you really my “best friend” ?

ALL Animals want love
a jacket when they’re cold
a place to play
and meet new friends
man, I’m so lucky to be a dog