Impulse to Rhyme

Tour of Tears

April 17, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Tour of Tears
Show Notes

This was inspired by a recent Vipassana sit in Onalaska, WA

the same wind
that made the trees dance
gave birth to a tear,
on the peak of Mt. Eyelash
It sticks and stings and piercingly sings
leave a dry white trail to Cheekbone Hill

It pauses for rest
It’s fear in sight
Thickbeard Forest
where most tears die at night

fellow wet nomads followed
along the fallen salt road
gravity and family makes It plump 
It marches in, and the war begins

an army of barks await It’s arrival
armed with hair-blades
that slice all survivors

losing itself, feeling torn apart
It continues detached
remembering the mission on start

the final act is reached
It’s purpose of being

diving off Jawline
meeting wind - just in time
carries It safely 
to a new eye, goodbye