Impulse to Rhyme

What happened

April 03, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
What happened
Show Notes

Wustha pointa spittin bout wat’s wrong?
Billions of views; money, cars and thongs
Killins n abuse, nah not in my song
Wha happened to the love in my heart?
As my ventricles depart, 
I only think about how things fall apart?
Trying to outsmart, Descartes,
There was a time it flowed so breezy
I was moved by life and life moved me.
Effortlessly, it was easy to be, grateful, humble and so free 
Now my thoughts only offend me, defensively, 
What happened to that love in my heart?
What’s coming next, I’m pensive an hesitant
For my life I’m preparing, instead of just livin it.
In the moment, it’s stolen, like Baggins, 
hands in my pockets, searchin’ for that thing,
The ring, the power, two towers trappin’, 
One with flowers and one cowers for hours,
Doesn’t sound like fun in the long run,
What happened to that love in my heart?
My shoulders are holdin’ megaton boulders,
Resting in the sun on a foldin chair,
Start to doze off
On a dose of shrooms that’s fair, 
now I’m floatin with no cares,
 see a smokin bear with golden hair
No sin, no snare, spin slow, I start slitherin’
Eyelids slits, as I sit, the floors start witherin’
3rd eye’s wide, shit I’m ditherin’!
What happened to that love in my heart?
My mind rewinds time, back to ‘95, I’m fine, she’s fine, 
Feeling divine, stealin old rhymes, ain’t that a crime?
Spray paint splatter, I’m busted and doin time, for taggin’ up the bus sign.
Q31 or 27, was never heaven, but I was never beggin.
Clever beginnings, with extra innings,
Little league belittling, blue sock leggings.
What happened to that love in my heart?
Skatin to escapin, the rage in him
Never knew what fired him, his teeth grindin’, and fist flyin’
I’m cryin and dying, wishin for that time when,
The Dr. shows up, he’s materializin’, 
Now we savin’ Earth from Dialeks, as space cadets, 
Sara Jane ‘n Leela all well kept, Romana, Tegan, Nyssa,  
Wastin away to get ‘em wet, seduction pays in ways not known yet,
Playin the game for so long, the well’s long drawn and nothing left to pawn.
What happened to that love in my heart?
My files rank high and my soul sank low, the day I found you sittin’ froze.
Don Juan, nobody won, now he’s on that trip solo,
Or maybe he’s everywhere, above and below
Lookin’ on, every stare, makin’ sure, there’s no despair.
Protecting my chest, with a bullet-proof vest
Gotta pull it through, cause I have to, 
Doesn’t flow like it used to, lovin you, and I lose you
I’m frontin bro, what about you?
What was it like, in your shoes?
Watchin us cruise, lewd and confused
What happened to that love in my heart?
While you look for a noose, cause you bruised, 
Payin dues from past-life bills, under karmic rules
Wunderbar, Cool, Fantastic. Is that what I’m supposed to think?
I can’t, it feels so fuckin sarcastic!
Damn, making it about me, egocentric, my empathy’s empty, excuse me.
Your letter revealed sealed gratitude with platitudes
For the whole family’s attitude, which brought          some of us
 to a new latitudes.
What happened to that love in my heart?
The dead man’s words brought sanity to guilt with clarity. 
Where oh where would I be without your autobiography?
An asylum, perhaps, 2 or 3?
Dramatic in fact, callin’ in the so called “facts”
I know who killed him, trace the call back!
Cop pulls up and my brother’s on that
Looking back, I was hidin’ in my closet, laughin’ at myself as my mental cracked
As you clicked that glock back, what made you stay on track?
The pain and strain so great, nobody to relate, alone, can’t alleviate
Guess you had to escape, it was time to elevate, reinvent, reincarnate.
As I lament, I meant to ask you, if not too late, 
Were you ever b