Impulse to Rhyme

Dionaea muscipula

March 13, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Dionaea muscipula
Show Notes

I want to be close to you but I can’t
It’s rushin’ over me like a tank,
Feeling stuck I’m caught in Venus’ trap
I die on ya as my vitals run flat.

I’mma skip you like a line at disneyland,
Now you sink and think, Isn’t he my man?

I really want to be close to you but it’s hard,
I’m repulsed by those who’ve loved me so far
It’s evident that self affection’s missin’
I’m blessed that you don’t think I’m dissin’

In order for me to be close to you I need
Some openness to things you may not agree.
I can’t ever share those needs with you,
The wear and tear on your heart is too much boo.

Why, in my mind, do those needs constantly repeat?
Maybe my innocent inner child planted that seed,
I’m workin’ on this part of me, it’s deep thick’n rooted,
No shirkin’ this pardon me for these hedonistic bruises.

I’m still maturing and growin into this tree,
I’m parenting myself to be who I want to be.
Thanks for putting up with all my distance,
I’m Sequoia now, with your love ‘n assistance.