Impulse to Rhyme

Playing chess on my chest

February 27, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Playing chess on my chest
Show Notes

I know you were trying what you thought was best
Enrolling me to Kumon so I can better than the rest
I know you were trying to make me strong,
Over and over again with that <F’in> graduation song
From a distance..” you dissed to raise my resilience
“God is watching us..”
The fuck you lookin’ at watching me get beat up?
Laughin’, mockin’, n’ shamin’ my intelligence
Isn’t it strange how we show that we care?
Every night shattered dams behind my stare

Back then, I had no way to fight you back
You pummeled my soul and left me attacked
Now you see, the board was unrolled and pieces started to move
I was always schooled and made to feel like a fool
Then one day, old man you met your fate
This young kid, just gotchu in a checkmate
Ohh I see, your love language was finally understood
The way to your heart, was under my rooks
So the battle began for this dismissed love one
I’m brought to life when I beat ya 10 to 1!
Montage of the kid, he sobs over hisaab
Your barrage and my triage ALL camouflaged
Hey maybe it was a mirage?

You taught me love is always a fight
Squares black and white or even a ring
My body sings when I beat you with a sting
From my king or a pawn, for all the times you said I was wrong
A kick from my hip or a fork from my knight,
Jesus Fuckin’ Christ, another spaghetti night?
Thanks for teaching me how to play chess,
With a closed chest and quick witted mind,
I know one day, I’ll revive this intertwined,
Vivid and sublime, smilin all the time,
I say to myself
Where do we go, oh sweet child o’ mine