Impulse to Rhyme

Snap Ankle Pop!

February 20, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Snap Ankle Pop!
Show Notes

excited to climb and meet new people
at the Circuit - current starts to flow
wanted to warm up as I was feeling cold
decided to skip that and just grab a hold

first one easy, second one hmmm
a little longer, a little higher
as they whispered “Yo look at Spider man!”
my thoughts distracted with my ego’s suntan

exhausted at the top jus’ decided to drop
as I fell to the mat, with my body waaay too relaxed

heard a snap crackle POP!
shoulder again and the ankle?
guess today’s the two for 1 special

located the shoulder like a 100 times before
the ankle was new and it seems kinda sore
as I walk it off, I get a phone call
we need you back on-line, no time to stall

when I get home, my ankle is swollen
turned my fibula into an orange
ER elevates, X-rays looked great
a splint and crutches -  I was on my way

2 weeks in, 4 pow days lost
5 invites denied, how high this cost

as they said, when we first walked in
nothing wrong with climbing down
being safe - sure does beat limpin