Impulse to Rhyme

Breaking curiosity

February 13, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Breaking curiosity
Show Notes

This was inspired by Irene Cooper's poetry class at COCC

George loved the outdoors
So he’s taking a break
and breakin a sweat
while breakin trail
Now he’ settin’ up his tent
and breakin bread
he breaks a leg
while breakdancin
he’s breakin wind
to break the ice
he’s breakin cover
he can’t afford this
he’s breakin bank
he breaks camp
Heads into town,

“Can you break this twenty?”

He’s breakin’ the law?
Gimme a break!

Good ‘ol Dirk shows up, with his badge in hand
his thrust is up, breaks his ranks
by breakin George’s skin
the street breaks his fall
and he can’t break free
or even even
Dirk breaks the record

9 minutes 

When the news breaks
breakin so many hearts
breaks ALL trust
and then the storms breaks
we broken horses
break the spell
start breakin formation
breakin the silence
breakin down the racial barriers 
we’re breakin our old habits
Dirk breaks his career
some cry, some cheer.