Impulse to Rhyme

Ways to Draw

February 06, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Ways to Draw
Show Notes

This was inspired by Irene's poetry class at COCC.

Draw curtains
history’s on TV,
June 1940, 
U-48s draws to 108
Ensign McGraw
Captain orders 
“Draw interest from the crew,
& draw the goose for stew!”

On deck below 
they draw the cards,
The series is on, 
and the “batter draws a walk”
Merry spirits 
maritime honor,
Rudolf’s radar 
draws die Americana
Torpedos starten! 
Direct Hit!

All these Seamen startlin’
this wrecked ship’s 
drawin’ water real quick,
knees drawn to the chest,
blood and guts with no vests,
tough enough…….. I guess