Impulse to Rhyme

Dear Dad

January 09, 2022 V.Mello
Impulse to Rhyme
Dear Dad
Show Notes

This was inspired by a prompt in Breakthrough where we ask our parents what we want and need.

I want to thank you for all my vitality and individuality,
Last but not least, this unshakable sense of immortality.
I would like to let you know, what I want ‘n need,
I like to skateboard, bmx really anything with speed,
Could you help me with all these crazy dreams?
And help me get good enough to make them all a reality?
I know how important school and academics are,
Dreams are important too, you know? Like the gpa and that gold star.
Can we balance this unbalanced bar, so that your needs are met
And my heart can pirouette, like a 360 axle stall?
Can you take me to skate park so I can learn to get better,
I know I can be so rad, if I had your love and support, father.
Can you encourage me when I fall, and know that I’m strong,
Know when to intervene, and know when to watch from afar?
Thanks for considering my needs, it’s really important to me.
Maybe, when the time's right, you can share your wants ‘n needs, 
We can learn from each other, and reach for that serene scene,
Picture us, flyin’ ‘n floatin’, in life’s ocean, two dolphins set free.